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II International Conference on Sonorities Research

Call for chapters and artistic interferences


The Organizing Committee of the Second International Conference on Sonorities Research invites all researchers who attended and presented papers at the event to submit chapters to the book of the conference. We prepared a different format for the publication. The traditional chapters will be intertwined with descriptions of artistic performances - short texts in which the lecturers who presented performances, workshops, artistic installations or analyzed their sound art in their presentations could describe them succinctly, accompanied by a specific link at our web page where we can host audio, visual or audiovisual files.


Important rules:


1. THEME: we request the submission of the complete article keeping the abstract theme published in the annals. We encourage authors to articulate different papers they presented during the conference with related research in a single proposal, as long as both papers have been presented at II CIPS. In this case, we ask interested parties to consult us by email urgently, presenting this alternative proposal to evaluate if it is feasible.


2. FORMATTING OF CHAPTERARTICLE: Articles must be 4000 to 6000 words long and sent in .doc or .docx format (illustrations, tables, annexes and references included), using the standard submission template provided here. The text should present objective(s), methodology, theoretical reference, research problem and final considerations. No texts will be evaluated in other formats.


3. FORMATTING DESCRIPTION OF ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE: The text should have a maximum of 500 words, using the standard submission template provided here. Audio, video and photo files can be hosted at the event website. Thus, the author can refer the reader to the site if he or she wants to hear or see their materials. If so, the author should submit this material for review, preferably via No texts will be evaluated in other formats.


4. AUTHORSHIP: An author may submit only a single article or artistic intervention. Articles and interventions may be submitted by more than one person, and we encourage such practice, as long as at least one of those people have participated in the conference by presenting a paper in II CIPS. If the same author signs two submissions, both submissions are automatically ruled out from the evaluation.


5. EVALUATION: The texts and interventions will be reviewed by the scientific committee of II CIPS, which will choose the most appropriate texts. As evaluation criteria, the following topics will be considered:

a. Adherence to the general theme of the conference

b. Relation to the abstract presented at the conference

c. Current level of references and proposed discussions

d. Analysis Density

e. Clarity of writing



a. AUTHORS: Full article submission or artistic intervention: until December 6th 2021;

b. OPINIONS: Submission of referee’s evaluation (accepted, accepted with corrections, rejected) – until February 7th 2022;

c. AUTHORS: Submission of the second version (in case of requested change) – until March 7th, 2022;

d. EDITORS: Final decision on texts and approved interventions - until April 4th 2022.


Deadlines will not be extended.

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